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The Time Magazine Camera.

Some months ago I was in the mood for experimentation and stumbled upon this camera auctioned on ebay.

I bought this super plastic toy just for 3 euros, shipping costs included.
My experiments could finally begin.

This camera features a 50mm lens (a glass lens? who knows?) with an aperture of f/6, f/8, f/11 or f/16. The shutter speed is fixed to 1/100.
I bet the manufacturers of this camera were ironic people: they describe it as a camera featuring Auto Fix Focus…how can be a fixed focus automatic?
I can’t imagine a lower quality analogue camera than this one, but the photos I took suprised me a lot.

You can just forget about indoor pics without flash or outdoor pics without bright sun.

I used this camera with a 28 expositions Solaris Ferrania fgPlus 200 Iso.
The results were pretty good and colours exploded on the film.

This pretty little toy is totally worth its paltry price.

The last image was obtained by combining 2 different shots.
Translated by Vito Russi

Alessandro Lannocca

Nasce a Saluzzo ma ora vive un po' a Polonghera ma spesso è a Torino. Incontra la fotografia analogica in uno splendido corso durante l’inverno del 2008 passato a Madrid (in Erasmus) col prof. Guillermo, in cui ha l’occasione di sperimentare pellicole, liquidi ed ingranditori. Da allora scatta, stampa, scrive.

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