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Olympus OM-10 EN

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Olympus OM-10 EN

It’s a great pleasure for me to introduce this new section of the blog with a post about my first analogue reflex camera, the Olympus OM-10.

Produced from 1979 to 1989, the Olympus OM-10 is a reflex camera that works in aperture priority, that is, when the shutter speed is automatically adjusted to the aperture. The “Manual Adapter” , an accessory to controll shutter speeds, was also introduced. It was possible to use it setting the shutter speed selector to M (if no Manual Adapter was used, M corresponded to 1/45 shutter speed). The other two settings are “A” (aperture priority) and “B” (bulb).

The ISO value , ranging from 25 to 1600, is set through a ring also functioning as an exposition adjustment device . The Olympus OM 10 has a very bright viewfinder with LEDs instead of the classic match needle. The LEDs turn off after 90 second but leaving the light meter switched on. To turn them on again, you simply have to lightly press the shutter button.

The OM-10 works with batteries but, if you forget to switch the camera on, the light meter and the shutter will work the same . The only thing you won’t know is the shutter speed.

The camera comes with a very bright and high quality 50mm f/1,8 lens.

Last but not least, the design of this camera, which I personally fell in love with because it is completely different from that of the older sisters OM-1N and OM-2N.

Translated by Vito Russi.