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Stefano Mattia (en)

Stefano Mattia’s turn.

Tell us something about yourself.
I am basically an indecisive person. I am not really sure what to expect from life neither the best way to face it. I have cultured many passions, among which music, literature and creative writing. However, today I am left with nothing, a cemetery of interests. Surprisingly my relationship with photography turned to be different from all the other passions of mine. I began taking pictures when I went working abroad so that I could send some pictures home. This simple act of taking pictures for family members turned into something much stronger, something that I yet cannot understand. To me photography is like a emotional catalyst, that has allowed me to get to know myself better and to be myself.

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The Time Magazine Camera.

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The Time Magazine Camera.

Some months ago I was in the mood for experimentation and stumbled upon this camera auctioned on ebay.

I bought this super plastic toy just for 3 euros, shipping costs included.
My experiments could finally begin.

This camera features a 50mm lens (a glass lens? who knows?) with an aperture of f/6, f/8, f/11 or f/16. The shutter speed is fixed to 1/100.
I bet the manufacturers of this camera were ironic people: they describe it as a camera featuring Auto Fix Focus…how can be a fixed focus automatic?
I can’t imagine a lower quality analogue camera than this one, but the photos I took suprised me a lot.

You can just forget about indoor pics without flash or outdoor pics without bright sun.

I used this camera with a 28 expositions Solaris Ferrania fgPlus 200 Iso.
The results were pretty good and colours exploded on the film.

This pretty little toy is totally worth its paltry price.

The last image was obtained by combining 2 different shots.
Translated by Vito Russi

biondapiccola (en)

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biondapiccola (en)

It’s Silvia Ianniciello‘s turn aka biondapiccola.

Tell us something about yourself.
My name is Silvia Ianniciello, for friends biondopiccola, I am 25 years old and I am graduating in philosophy. One year ago I have opened a blog about analog pictures, toycameras and instant photography. The name of the blog is Holga my dear and looking after it is one of my favorite hobbies, as well as taking pictures.

Why did you choose analog photography?
I haven’t chosen analog photography but rather analog photography chose me. Might sound silly but up to three years ago I had no clue what would mean having an analog camera of any kind, or what a shutter was or a diaphragm. I didn’t even know about films and disposable cameras every child uses for school trips. I could only see people using digital cameras but I have never really been attracted to them. One day I was given a Diana Mini with plastic lens and from there I have discovered the existence of a wonderful world.

What do you like to photograph?
I like to photograph pretty much everything, it depends on what camera I have. With analog photography I become very curious and I like to experiment and mess up a little, this is the reason why I believe I do not have a style yet. I don’t even know if I ever will, really. The only thing I know is that I really enjoy doing it.

Which cameras do you have?
Must I list them all? How much time do I have? Not kidding, I have many, way too many! I am not going to bother you listing them all, so here’s the ones I like the absolute most: the Holga 120 GN, the Lomo LC-A and the Polaroid SX-70. However there are so many more I am crazy in love with!

What kind of photographs you like to take?
This is a hard question. I really like both street photography and portraits. I believe that you must have a great courage and sensibility to take this kind of pictures. I believe that photography isn’t only related to lucky situations you happen to be in, it does help sometimes of course, but the motto “don’t think, just shoot” has never really convinced me.

Do you have a favorite photographer?
Apart of the “untouchable” ones, I have quite a few I follow on Flickr. Among them I enjoy Martelfa, Bottanissima Kleber Cruz Cuccurullo, Ester Helloo, ViannaVi and Fl:ckrnauta. Recently I have also discovered the experimental works of Britta Hershman.

A beautiful photo should…
make me want to look at it over and over again as if I was looking for something new every time I look at it.

Email: [email protected]

My first multiple exposures

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My first multiple exposures

It has been already a while since I got to have this Bencini Koroll II that used to be my grandfathers. Initially my grandmother decided to leave it in the living room cabinet because according to her it didn’t work.
Nonetheless curiosity stroked me as usual and I decided to revive this 60s camera.
After having tested it only once on a color film, I wanted to give it a try to a roughly 15 years expired black and white 120 Kodak TMAX film 100.

With it I also tried multiple exposure and here’s the result:


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Since when I was given the Canon AE1 the number of films to developed rapidly doubled.
Before I was given that camera, I only had access to a heterogeneous number of basic cameras.

Firstly, I begun to play and experiment with focus and exposure.
Here some shots of one of the most common subjects: my kitten Muffin.

I possess a book released by the publishing house “Battello a Vapore” entitled “Supercat”.This is Supercat in real life.

Here the kitten is posing like a model.

Here the kitten on the unmade bed that say “fuck yalookin at?”

Here, my hand is the pillow for the sleepy kitten.

Here the Kitten tries to steal our lunch.

No animal has been molested for the realization of these pictures, only some silly humans.

Olympus OM-10 EN

Cameras & Films English! Fotografando Macchine Fotografiche Marchi Olympus Reflex 35 mm

Olympus OM-10 EN

It’s a great pleasure for me to introduce this new section of the blog with a post about my first analogue reflex camera, the Olympus OM-10.

Produced from 1979 to 1989, the Olympus OM-10 is a reflex camera that works in aperture priority, that is, when the shutter speed is automatically adjusted to the aperture. The “Manual Adapter” , an accessory to controll shutter speeds, was also introduced. It was possible to use it setting the shutter speed selector to M (if no Manual Adapter was used, M corresponded to 1/45 shutter speed). The other two settings are “A” (aperture priority) and “B” (bulb).

The ISO value , ranging from 25 to 1600, is set through a ring also functioning as an exposition adjustment device . The Olympus OM 10 has a very bright viewfinder with LEDs instead of the classic match needle. The LEDs turn off after 90 second but leaving the light meter switched on. To turn them on again, you simply have to lightly press the shutter button.

The OM-10 works with batteries but, if you forget to switch the camera on, the light meter and the shutter will work the same . The only thing you won’t know is the shutter speed.

The camera comes with a very bright and high quality 50mm f/1,8 lens.

Last but not least, the design of this camera, which I personally fell in love with because it is completely different from that of the older sisters OM-1N and OM-2N.

Translated by Vito Russi.