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Vicente Manssur. New York

Hi Vicente, tell us something about yourself.
Hello! My name is Vicente, and I’m based in Guayaquil. I work as a photographer and as a graphic designer.
I started making photographs about five years ago on a trip I made. I was having a hard time that year, so I needed an excuse to start doing something else. I felt I found something for me, I can still remember that feeling. Since then, I’ve been photographing different themes. I started shooting landscapes, but now I’m more into portraits, street and daily life.

Why did you choose analog photography?
I could say that I was very curious about the whole process of making photos and the limitations of having only 36 shots. I feel closer to the moment and to what’s going on in front of me. It has improved the way I work for sure. The best part is to finally see and print the photographs. The feeling is quite unique.

Tell us about your serie “New York”.
“New York” was a recent family trip I made a few months ago. Everyday I would go out with the camera, walking around without any direction in particular. These pictures are about street life and daily sightings around New York. The city is great to wander around and to see stuff for the first time. I would like to go back someday and continue to add more photographs to the series.

Which cameras and films do you use?
Right now I’m using a Nikon FE2 and a Nikon D810 for bigger projects. I’m also experimenting with medium format with a Fuji GA645 and a Mamiya C330. For film I would go with Kodak Ektar, Portra and Fujifilm Superia.

What kind of photographs you like to take?
I would like to shoot the things I see as they are. Nothing else. I enjoy encountering things on the street and document the opportunities that I may get. I feel like I’m playing a game.

Do you have a favorite photographer?
Yes I do! Alex Webb, Bruce Davidson, William Eggleston and Harry Gruyaert.

Next serie?
I’m working in one about my city (Guayaquil), which I find really interesting. I feel the things I see here, only exists in Guayaquil. I hope I can share it with you soon!

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