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Simon Nicoloso. West Land

Hi Simon, tell us something about yourself.
Hello I’m Simon Nicoloso, I’m an architect and self taught photographer currently living in Paris, France.

Why did you choose analog photography?
I started to take pictures during my architecture study, with a cheap analog canon reflex, using black and white film. My practice has evolved since then, switching to color but i sticked to the film, just because i think it’s beautiful in terms of color, density. I bought a digital camera once, a fuji X100, that was a good camera but i sold it something like two weeks after buying it because i was not comfortable with this.

Tell us about your serie “West Land”.
The serie was shot in ten days, in august 2018. That was the second time I was travelling to this part of the USA, the first time was in 2014. I think that it reflects the fascination I always had for this part of the country, that’s referring for me to a lot of movies and books I read as John Fante’s for example.
As it was the second time I was travelling there, I knew exactly what I was looking for, it was a very productive experience. I’d never stop to be amazed buy the color palette of the natural lights and the beauty of the landscapes i found along the way.

Which cameras and films do you use?
I use both 135 and 120 film, but i’m more and more using medium format cameras. My two main cameras are a Leica M6 and a Mamiya 7. I think that with those two I won’t have to buy any other camera.

What kind of photographs you like to take?
I think that I like to shoot quiet places. What I like to show is often a contrast between built elements and the context they are built in. We can call this man-made landscapes. I’m more comfortable taking pictures in the suburbs, outside of the cities, when you can see some sky and the horizon. I try to show the unintentional beauty of these elements putting them together a bit like a collage.

Do you have a favorite photographer?
My favorite photographer is William Eggleston for his incredible eye and the beauty of the colors of his photographs.

Next serie?
I’ve travelled to Northern France at the end of 2018, that was mas last series, I’d now like to do something about parisian suburbs and satellite cities.

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