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Hi Reb, tell us something about yourself.
I am tall. I am kooky. I am kind to plants.

Why did you choose analog photography?
Since I once lacked limit; the concept & creative consequence of limitation… Since I am a romantic; the process, the mystique, of film…

What do you like to photograph?
Vague sensations… the Surreal in the Ordinary… Teeth… Plants showering… Dislocated undergarments… Lover’s hands… Friend’s Feet… Ears & necks… Places where I have slept… Bad decisions…

Which cameras and films do you use?
Mju-II lives in my pocket,
Nikon Fm2 occasionally.
The cheap, the expired, film.

What kind of photographs you like to take?
I only take diary photographs. You see what I live. I take 1 photo of each moment, each encounter, that lit something within me. I enjoy this limitation of solely 1. It is my visual notebook; ”Collection of Things To Never Forget”.

Do you have a favorite photographer?
Every person that intrigue me, surprise me, educate me, with their way of seeing!

A photo should…
Be allowed to be what it is. No walls of cement, no creative prison. Capture your truths, your lies, & whatever that roams in-between.

Website: | flickr/rebeckaetc

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