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Julien Lallouette. Silversoaked

Hi Julien, tell us something about yourself.
My name is Julien, I’m 26. I come from Le Havre in the North West of France and I live in London.

Why did you choose analog photography?
I think there is a lot to it. I like the wait, the grain, the colours, developing and printing, it feels a lot more real to me than with digital in general.

Tell us about your serie “Silversoaked”.
I started this series 4 years ago when I was at uni in France. I was working on different projects about memory, trying to represent the idea that our body change the way that we see things, and so, alters our memories. I wanted to confront my pictures that I relate to memories to my body, so I started soaking my films in different body fluids (saliva, blood, urine) and then shoot those “modified” films to see what happens. Depending on how long the films soak, dry, etc.. the result is always different and unpredictable.

Which cameras and films do you use?
I mainly use an old Minolta XG-M for 35mm and a Rolleicord for medium format. For film I really like Portra 400 for colour, and T-max for black and white!

What kind of photographs you like to take?
I always liked to take pictures of people, my friends most of the time, since I moved in London I also started working on different series with people I met there, it’s different but I like it as well.

Do you have a favorite photographer?
About a million, at the moment I really love the work of Bryan Liston, Kate Bellm, Edie Sunday, Sarah Eiseman, Grant Spanier, and lots more.

Next serie?
I am working on a book that should be ready at the end of the year with a lot of different series, all on film. I also have a few films ready for some new Silversoaked, and I am planning a few different series with people in London.

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